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What is the difference between a boiler and a heat pump?

There is a big difference between heat pumps and boilers.

The efficiency and warmth of your home matters and choosing between a boiler and a heat pump is the biggest choice to make to keep your house heating system working well.


Boilers are a highly efficient option for the home or a business. Boilers can last around a decade before they’ll need an upgrade or replacement. There are a range of boilers that can be chosen, from gas, oil boilers to an electric boiler. The options make boilers a lucrative option for those who want to choose a cheap and efficient way to heat a house.

Heat Pumps

Did you know that heat pumps reach around 350% efficiency? The problem with heat pumps is that their upfront costs are much higher than traditional boilers. They are easy to maintain, but they are usually not the considered choice compared to boilers. They can generate the right amount of heat that you need, and they use a liquid refrigerant as a coolant.

Boilers are the better option for most homes, and they can come in a range of sizes. You can keep yours up to date and in the best possible condition with regular boiler repairs.