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Potton’s Local Heating Engineers
Boilers & Air Conditioning Units

Heat Street can install quality boilers and air conditioning units throughout Bedfordshire.

As your local Worcester Bosch engineers, we can install quality boilers and air conditioning units throughout Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Central Heating Services Heating & Cooling Specialists

With years of experience in the heating and cooling industry we can offer high quality central heating services throughout Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

From brand new, boiler installations to essential annual servicing and air conditioning unit installations, our team can assist with your central heating home improvements.

Gas boiler installations Potton

Gas Boiler Installations

Our experienced heating engineers can install Worcester Bosch gas boilers throughout Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

As your local Worcester Bosch Accredited installer, we provide high quality gas boiler installations with the added benefit of up to a 12 year guarantee on selected boilers!

If you are seeking advice on a new boiler, there is a simple and stress-free process we go through to get you the boiler that you need. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers can provide you with the best possible advice and installations.

Gas Boiler Installers, Bedfordshire

LPG Boiler Installations

Our friendly heating engineers can install Worcester Bosch LPG boilers throughout Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

LPG boilers are a great gas alternative for more rural locations that can store fuel on the property. Our engineers can install Worcester Bosch LPG boilers that benefit from up to a 12 year guarantee, ensuring the longevity and durability of your boiler.

Our engineers can provide the very best advice, so if you’re unsure of what you need, our engineers are on hand to help!

LPG New Boiler Installation, Bedfordshire
LPG boiler installations Potton
Air conditioning installations Potton

Air Conditioning Installations

Keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter with adaptable Worcester Bosch air conditioning units.

Traditionally know for their cooling properties, air conditioning units are an ideal solution for both heating and cooling your home. With rapid heating and cooling on demand as well as air purifying qualities, air conditioning units have huge benefits!

As an energy efficient solution, air conditioning units can be installed throughout your home and even in your conservatories and garden offices.

Air Conditioning Unit Installations, Potton

Get up to a 12 Year Guarantee on Your New Boiler

As Worcester Bosch Accredited engineers, we are able to provide a guarantee of up 12 years* on your new gas or LPG boiler. The guarantee applies to all parts, call outs and labour, so you can have complete peace of mind if your boiler breaks down.

* 12 year guarantee available on selected Worcester Bosch models.

Get an Instant New Boiler Quote

Looking for an estimated boiler installation price? Get an instant boiler quote from us today.

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Heating Controls

Control your heating on the go with smart heating controls.

Smart controls are a perfect way to take full control of your homes heating. By setting time intervals and linking the systems with your smart device, you can heat your home only when you need to.

By adapting to your schedule smart controls allow you to save money on your energy bills!

Worcester Bosch Boiler Controls, Potton

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

The ideal solution if you want high pressure showers or quick running baths.

Unvented hot water systems are fed directly from the cold-water mains, which gives you hot water at cold water pressure. A benefit of unvented systems is that you don’t need a cold water storage tank, making them ideal for those homes with less space. The water is usually heated via an immersion system or directly via the central heating.

Unvented hot water cylinders Potton
Vented hot water cylinders Potton

Vented Hot Water Cylinders

A cheaper heating system due to simpler materials and technology.

Vented hot water systems are a more traditional option. They have a storage tank which heats and stores water, which can then be released when the hot tap is run. Often, the storage tank can be found in the loft of a property, or the airing cupboard of properties such as flats and apartments.

Our experienced engineers can help with any query you may have about your vented hot water cylinder.


Got a Query? Need Some Advice?

If you have any questions regarding our heating services or need some advice to help you choose the best boiler system for your home, our friendly team are always on hand to help. Give us a call or get in touch through our contact form.