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How to save money on your gas bill (December 2021)

Learning how to reduce the amount of money that you spend on your gas bill might seem a little tricky or confusing

But in fact, it’s never been such a simple task to cut the cost of your gas bill today –

Focus on Insulation – making the decision to purchase new or extra insulation to install inside your home will have a huge impact on your gas bill, as it helps your home to retain heat far better when the ice and snow rage on outside. A thick layer of insulation will allow you to switch off your heating hours before you would have previously without feeling the chill

Curtains & Blinds – it’s always a smart idea to add extra protection to your windows and doors with some thick curtains or blinds, especially when it’s snowing outdoors. Covering up windows and doors will help you to reduce your gas usage due to the fact that they are the thinnest and least weatherproof external areas of your home – this makes retaining warmth difficult, so adding some extra layers of protection will slow or even stop the dramatic heat loss

Boiler Servicing – a regular annual boiler service is necessary if you want to use as little gas as possible, a Gas Safe registered engineer needs the opportunity to perform servicing and maintenance to reduce any problems and inconsistencies that may cause gas wastage and larger, more unmanageable bills, so regular servicing is key

Replacing Old Boilers – saying goodbye to your old, well-used boiler to welcome in a more modern, upgraded model will no doubt encourage you to reduce your gas intake, as all newer options are much more energy efficient

Spending less on your home’s gas bill has never been easier with these top tips and tricks!