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Boiler size calculator? What boiler size is right for me?

What size boiler do you need?

Whether you have a regular boiler, a combi system, you need to know how much power your household actually needs during any given day. So, you have to ask yourself, how frequently do you need hot water? How frequently do you put on the central heating? How large are the rooms and for that matter, how many?

Make it simple

Okay, let’s get the basic calculations out of the way. For a small radiator, which could double as a towel rack, for example, you need 1kW of energy to power it. For a regular-sized radiator, add a half, so about 1.5kW. For any large radiator, or for a regular radiator in a large room that takes longer to heat up, you’ll need 2kW. So now go around your home counting up how many radiators and different sizes you have to work out the power you need. On average, a 30kW system boiler is great for most homes.

What you need to do

Now that you know the size you need, you need space in which to install the boiler. It’s vital that you have enough room so that the boiler is protected from bumps and scrapes, is out of the reach of children and can be serviced and maintained. So, look for a cupboard you could re-purpose or create a special place for it to hide in.

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