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How long does it take to install a boiler?

A boiler installation can take anywhere between 6 hours, to a couple of weeks.

It all depends on how simple or complex the installation job is going to be. There is a range of different things that you, and your plumber, will need to consider, to estimate a timeframe for the job. Here is some more information to help you.

A quick boiler installation

The quickest boiler installations are those with no complications and are a simple like-for-like exchange. This can take no longer than a day (typically around 6 hours) to complete. This is because there is no need to add any new features, like pipework or a water tank.

A long boiler installation

The longest boiler installations can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If you are changing the system, the type of fuel, the location of the boiler, then it can take a few additional days to complete.

If you run into complications, such as a build-up of unwanted remnants and need to flush the system, or your old pipework does not meet gas safe regulations, then you will also need to account for an additional few days.

If you are installing a new boiler for the first time, and the property has no prior radiators or pipework, then you can expect the installation to take a couple of weeks, at most. This is because the plumbers will need to lift floorboards and carpets, install radiators and pipes, and much more.

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