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5 signs you need a new boiler

Since arranging for a boiler repair and installation is expensive, you will want to be certain that your boiler requires replacement before continuing.<.h2>

Fortunately, when a boiler isn’t functioning properly, it emits several quite clear signals! We’ll look at five key signs that it’s time to replace your boiler so you can be aware of when to start organising a new one.

It has started to smell

A boiler should never smell. If you can smell something, there’s a good chance something is wrong – and it may be dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning may be caused by a defective boiler. If you notice any strange odours coming from your boiler, call a qualified heating engineer right away.

It has started to leak

Water coming from your boiler may be a sign of internal corrosion, a crack, or overworked valves. Boilers that leak are expensive to repair, so if yours is damaged or corroded, you should consider replacing it.

Your energy bills have jumped up

If you find that your energy bills are higher than normal or that your use seems to be much higher than anticipated, it might be time to replace your boiler. From old, gas-burning pilot lights to a faulty motorised valve, your boiler could be the source of higher energy bills without receiving anything in return. A new boiler will save you money by being more energy efficient.

You can hear strange noises

It’s usual to hear a quiet, repetitive humming noise; it’s not normal to hear clunking, whistling, or scratching. It may indicate the presence of sludge, limescale, or other grime and debris in the system. When that happens, a new boiler is typically the most cost-effective option.

It is not heating your house

Your boiler isn’t working properly if you can’t get your house warm. A high-efficiency boiler can quickly heat your home. If you have an old boiler, you won’t be able to enjoy the kind of heat that a modern, energy-efficient boiler can produce, so it may be in your best interests to arrange a new boiler replacement as soon as possible.