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The Benefit of Smart Controls in Your Home

If you have an efficient boiler in your home, such as one from Worcester Bosch

It makes sense to use smart controls with them. In a nutshell, smart heating controls enable you to control and customise your home’s heating preferences.

They offer many advantages over traditional wall thermostats and have fast become commonplace in many of Britain’s homes. If your home does not yet have smart controls, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with some installed in your property:

They Are Easy to Use

When you have smart heating controls installed, you’ll find they are simple to use. You can adjust your heating preferences from the wall unit or via a smartphone or tablet app.

You Can Adjust the Controls from Anywhere

Arguably the most significant advantage of smart heating controls is they are adjustable, no matter where you are. For instance, you can set your heating to come on earlier while you’re at work, so you enter a warm house when you get home.

They Can Save You Money

Smart controls can save you money on your gas and electricity bills because they get linked to an efficient thermostat. Plus, you can fine-tune your heating preferences and even schedule them to stay off when you go on holiday.

How to Get Smart Controls for Your Home

If you’d like to upgrade your thermostat to smart controls, contact Heat Street today on 07494 389 041 or 01767 262 300 to discuss your requirements and request a friendly, no-obligation quote.