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The Benefits of Powerflushing

Powerflushing involves flushing out all the gunk in your heating system under pressure using a mixture of specialised cleaning chemicals.

It sounds like a major task, but it’s not. Furthermore, it offers a host of benefits, which we discuss below.

Better Efficiency

Radiators can only transmit heat to rooms if water can circulate throughout their internal volume. Gunk in your heating system, however, can prevent water from fully engorging your units, decreasing efficiency.

Powerflushing clears out the gunk, providing even heating coverage.

Increased System Lifespan

Powerflushing doesn’t just clean out the gunk in your system; it also contains factors that prevent it from accumulating in the future. Most solutions use anti-rust technology, stopping the insides of your radiators from slowly peeling away.

Radiators Heat Up Faster

When you switch the heating on in your home, you want it to get to work fast. Radiators clogged with sludge, however, take longer to heat up, delaying their effect on air temperatures. Again, Powerflushing resolves this by removing blockages and allowing water to circulate freely.

Reduced Noise

When central heating systems fall into disrepair, they start making more noise. Often, homeowners have to put up with the most horrendous banging and clunking sounds. After a Powerflush, though, these tend to die down or disappear altogether.

Greater Reliability

Heating systems should be predictable and reliable. However, when they become clogged, they begin to operate unpredictably. Sometimes, radiators won’t warm up at all.

Powerflushing assists reliability by restoring your systems to their original functionality