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Questions To Ask About Boiler Installation

A new boiler installation isn’t a decision that any homeowner would take lightly.

That’s why it’s essential to ask the right questions and ensure complete satisfaction before agreeing to go ahead with a new gas boiler installation.

If you’ve never had a new boiler installation before, it’s worth asking the following questions before giving the green light:

Is It Cheaper To Fix My Old Boiler?

As a boiler ages, parts availability for it can often become limited. There will be a point where repairing an old boiler simply isn’t economically viable, whereas maintenance costs with a brand new boiler are minimal.

Is A Gas Boiler The Best To Get?

Most homes in Britain have a gas boiler. Heating engineers such as Heat Street routinely install combi boilers as they are compact and efficient units that provide a home’s entire heating and hot water needs. We are also experts in installing LPG condensing boilers.

Can I Spread The Cost?

Paying for a new boiler installation can often be a concern for many households – especially with the continually rising cost of living.

Fortunately, Heat Street can help homeowners spread the cost of their new boilers. We offer a selection of monthly payment options to suit your budget.

Why Choose Heat Street?

Heat Street is a family-run firm of heating engineers based in Potton, Bedfordshire.

We’re a Worcester accredited company with experienced and helpful heating engineers. We pride ourselves on offering our customers ideal boiler installation solutions at affordable prices.

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