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Boiler health check before winter

Winter is coming and many of us will be reaching for the thermostat more regularly.

A boiler health check for the winter would be a wise idea to ensure that your boiler doesn’t break down during the coldest months.

Autumn is the best time to do this check. Over the summer, many boilers never get used. This long period of inactivity can cause damage to some boilers – parts can seize up and may stop working altogether. Many homeowners then find out the hard way that their boiler isn’t working when they try to turn it on during the first cold night of autumn. This then means having to endure the cold weather whilst waiting for one’s boiler to be repaired.

By getting a boiler health check for winter done early, you can get any necessary repairs done before the chilly temperatures hit. It’s easier to cope without heating in September when it’s usually still quite warm than it is in November when frost is starting to settle.

A boiler health check doesn’t cost much – whilst there may be no problems found, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You could even find that if there are faults, they’re cheaper to repair now than they might be were you to wait for your boiler to completely break down. Much like a problem with your car or a toothache, it’s better to get the problem sorted early, as you’ll generally save yourself costs and save yourself further problems later down the line.