Unvented Cylinders

Unvented hot water systems are fed directly from the cold-water mains, which gives you hot water at cold water pressure. This is useful if you want high pressure showers or quick running baths.

A benefit of unvented systems is that you don’t need a coldwater storage tank, ideal for those homes with less space. The water is usually heated via an immersion system or directly via the central heating.

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Vented Cylinders

Vented hot water systems are a more traditional option. They have a storage tank which heats and stores water, which can then be released when the hot tap is run. Often, the storage tank can be found in the loft of a property, or the airing cupboard of properties such as flats and apartments. A vented hot water system is good for anyone looking to cut costs, as it is a cheaper heating system due to the materials and technology behind them being simpler. If water pressure is important to you though, a vented system may be a better option. If you already have a vented system and don’t want to completely replace it, but do desire better water pressure, our team can help. Get in touch to find out the best options available to you.

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